Tortuguero costa rica

This small village is surrounded by primary forest, black sand beaches, and water canals. There are no cars in this village. That is why to get there, you need to take a boat or an small airplane. Tortuguero means Turtle land, and a very proper name, considering that every year there are thousands of turtles coming to Tortuguero beaches for nesting. Also the national park there hosts an incredible biodiversity of insects, resident and migratory birds, and mammals including jaguars, tapirs, and 4 species of monkeys.

What is the best way to get to Tortuguero?

You can get there by airplane and by boat. By boat is the most common way, allowing you enjoy the beauty of the primary forest while you travel on the rivers and canals. During the rainy season the best way is from the docks at La Pavona. Once you park the car or get off a bus, you will take  about an one hour long ride in a motor boat to get there. But you don’t have to worry about making those arrangements if you purchase a package that includes: Transportation, lodging, tours, and buffet style meals.


The nicer hotels in the area are available only as part of a complete package. There are about 6 hotels that offer these packages. After inspecting these hotels or lodges personally, I only recommend 3 of them. They are not in town, but just 5 minutes away by boat, in the middle of the jungle. Keep in mind that Tortuguero is not recommendable for handicapped or people with walking problems.

I recommend to stay 2 nights in Tortuguero. Even the nice hotels are simple, but clean.

Keep in mind that between July and September are high season for tourism there due to turtle nesting. Reservations should be made preferable months ahead of time to help guarantee availability of rooms.

If you have questions about Tortuguero or you would like to included Tortuguero in  your vacation, contact us: HERE

We recommend Tortuguero for:

  • Family vacation
  • Photography
  • Birdwatching
  •  Hiking
  • Wild life lovers
  • Group trips.

Not recommedable for handicap.

Tortuguero canals