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Africa MiaAfrica Mia – Take a non intrusive African Safari Wildlife tour and experience exceptional wild animal behavior in their natural 260 acre habitat. Feed and pet Ostriches and Giraffes by hand and learn about animals from their very knowledgeable park guides. They offer three different tours; a walking tour, a van tour and a Safari Tour. Guanacaste Area Tour Only!

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Finca Rosa Blanca Hotel

Bird Watching – Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia. Here, you can find more species of bird than in all of North America combined. Costa Rica has approximately 18% of the territory dedicated to National Parks and Reserves. Our avifauna is able to be seen and studied in a natural, undisturbed setting. Whether you are visiting the forests, mangroves, mountains or seashores be sure to have a AAA Tours guide with you!

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Arenas del Mar HotelButterfly Sanctuary – Imagine hundreds or even thousands of live butterflies flying around a large enclosure. See the anatomy and physiology of butterflies in their different stages; learn about their predators, and their defense mechanisms. Costa Rica butterfly exhibits are immensely popular with people of all ages. Include a butterfly tour in your vacation to Costa Rica, you will be amazed at what you will learn!

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Cuna del Angel HotelDolphin & Whale Watching – Humpback whales are seen from December to March from the northern hemisphere, and from July to late October from the southern hemisphere. The male whales do the most singing almost exclusively in the breeding grounds. Once verified that it is safe the chances are that the captain will allow you to swim around the boat to hear them sing.

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Peace Lodge - La Paz Waterfall GardensFrog Watching – The tiny blue jeans poison dart frog, as pictured to the left, is one of the most iconic amphibians of Cost Rica. The best time to find frogs is during the early dawn and dusk hours, when the ambient temperature is cooler. AAA Tour Guides know the frog’s favorite hiding places and can spot them despite their small size.

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Iguana Verde FoundationIguana Verde Foundation – This nonprofit foundation was established in 2001 by Mr Edsart Besier, a Costa Rican resident. There are 8 different types of iguanas: ground or rock iguanas, the common green iguana, the desert iguana, the Fiji banded iguana, the Galapagos marine iguana, the land iguana, the rock dwelling iguana, and the spiny-tailed iguana. Learn about this very important animal before they are no longer found on our planet.

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Jaguar Rescue CenterJaguar Rescue Center – Built in 2008 and located in Puerto Viejo. This is a rescue and education center where animals are released back into the wild once they are rehabilitated or reach sexual maturity. The Jaguar Rescue Center keeps its door open solely on the generous donations of its visitors. Animals arrive on a daily basis that are injured or sick. This is a wonderful place to visit and learn hands on about Costa Rica’s wildlife.

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Jewel’s of the Rainforest – Located in Monteverde’s rain forest and cloud forest, is the World’s 3rd largest private collection of insects that is for public viewing. All the exhibits of over 1 million specimens are arranged in an artistic design. Dr. Whitten has been collecting insects since the age of five in the topical Louisiana, USA. Enjoy a special video “Jewel’s of the Rainforest” which features many insects from the various climates of Costa Rica. Come, capture and explore the beauty and the knowledge that Dr. Whitten’s Bio-Art Exhibition has to offer. 

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Lapa Rios EcolodgeMonkey Watching – Just like bird watching, monkey watching has become popular activity amongst tourists and ticos alike. Costa Rica is the home to four species of monkey, the howler monkey, the spider monkey, the squirrel monkey and the white faced Capuchin. AAA Tours can take you to where the monkeys hang out for your famous picture taking event.

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Sloth SanctuarySloth Sanctuary – Visit this center which rescues, rehabilitates and takes in confiscated animals and sloths with special needs. The tour includes a one hour guided canoe ride where you may see wild sloths and other inhabitants of the tropical rainforest. Get up close and personal through observational contact of baby sloths at the new nursery facilities.

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Capitan Suizo HotelTurtle Watching – Costa Rica is the home to five of the seven known sea turtles, Green, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Leatherback, and Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Watching the sea turtles come ashore to nest is an awe-inspiring event. Thousands of eggs will be deposited, but only a few will survive from a four inch baby to an adult that is the largest reptile on the planet. AAA Tours knows where and when the sea turtles migrate upon the shoreline.

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