About AAA Tours

  (AAA Tours Costa Rica is in no way associated or affiliated with any other international businesses with similar names.) 

We started our tourism business as Campos Tours in 2000.  Campos Tours expanded into AAA Tours (Amazing Affordable Adventures). Campos Tours/AAA Tours is a family owned business that has proven time and time again that we care about you, your family, and about the larger educational or corporate groups as well. 

    AAA Tours is a responsible and fully licensed direct travel agency for Costa Rica vacations. We provide physical safety for your groups by checking out the tours and making sure that the tour operator meets, and or exceeds, all the safety requirements set forth by the Costa Rica government. We personally experience the tour prior to recommending it to our clients. We can honestly tell you what to expect on the tour and recommend the best ones, since we have done them ourselves. 

    AAA Tours knows the roads and has selected the best routes and sites based on our knowledge of the specific areas. We only will take you to the safest areas and book your travel accommodations in secure locations.

When booking a Costa Rica family vacation  with children, we only recommend hotels that have an safe, exciting environment for your kids to explore and learn about the Costa Rica wildlife and beauty. We will only recommend accommodations to you that meet or exceed our rigorous inspections. The tour operators we use speak both English as well as Spanish so you can relax if you do not speak the local language, we will be glad to communicate with anyone for you.

    Meet Henry Campos, he is from Costa Rica and is co-owner and operator of AAA Tours. Henry speaks both Spanish and English and he is in charge of making recommendations to you, designing your custom packages and making reservations. Henry always is making sure that your stay is a great and memorable experience. He at times accompanies the tour groups as guide and driver when he is able to. Henry’s years of experience in tourism make him a very valuable asset to the business.

      Meet Michelle Gunderson-Campos , she is originally from the United States and is a Costa Rica resident, and co-owner of AAA Tours who speaks English and Spanish. She assists Henry in handling all your vacation planning, and as Henry, she also accompanies the tour groups at times as guide or tour leader.

     Thank you for choosing AAA Tours, it is a wise decision to use us as your experienced Direct Costa Rica travel agency. With no middlemen involved we will definately be able to help you save money on your vacation or holiday here. We look forward to helping you design your vacation!

If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US!    

Pura Vida!!!