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Heather K. – U.S.A.          September 2012

 I am so glad I ended up with AAA tours. As a single woman traveling alone, I was treated like family. Truly the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. It worked out so that we took a nice siesta every afternoon and I never got too tired. So many beautiful flowers, amazing animals, and even cool bugs. The best pineapple I ever laid my lips on too. I think pinto is addictive.

Herbi M. – U.S.A.          August 2011

My friends and I wanted to take a tour in Boca Del Toro, Panama. Having never been there we decided to hire Henry Campos, a tour guide from AAA Tours. He was the best tour guide that we have ever hired. Let me tell you – Henry got us across the border in no time flat. He is amazing! Henry knew exactly where to go and what to do and he took care of us to get us expedited through the two check points. Once we crossed the border, we took a water taxi over to the island and had lots of laughs at night and saw many beautiful things that nature provided us when we went snorkeling and touring around. Some of the beaches had large starfish just sitting in the water. We stayed in Hotel Christina, which provided us with cheap clean bare bones lodging, why pay for all the extras when you are there to sleep. The food was awesome; everyplace that we went was delicious and prepared just as we wanted. Henry really is a great tour guide, always watching out for his customers – we can’t wait until we get back there again and when we do it will be with Henry from AAA Tours!

Robert H. – U.S.A.          January 2010

 AAA Tours really know their stuff. It’s so nice to have an English speaker make all the necessary arrangements. My youngest brother and I went on a vacation to Costa Rica a few years back and loved it. He was surprised at the level of personalized service we received. He said “We went with Henry, who is a native Costa Rican and it sounds like the people who hooked you up with the tour have been there and done that.” You can’t even imagine how beautiful Costa Rica is until you actually visit it. I hope to go back next year and do a bit of cave exploring. Enjoy!


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  1. The 6 in our group from Florida who traveled to Costa Rica in January of 2013 could not have been happier with AAA Tours. Michelle Campos accompanied our group and she was always punctual, efficient and a very sweet and caring person who took a real personal interest in us. Because she is bilingual we could always communicate with the locals. She and her husband Henry have extensive knowledge of the many attractions in Costa Rica and found places to stay and things to see in our price range. On our wildlife preserve boat trip into Nicaragua Michelle had greater knowledge of the birds than the boat guide and showed us pictures in a book of birds that were singing or calling but we could not see. All the hotels and meals far exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate for a moment to use AAA Tours again if we go back to Costa Rica.

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