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AAA ToursAAA Tours Customizable Vacation – Did you ever think you could have an exotic vacation? Think again! Through AAA Tours free planning service you can make your exotic dream vacation become a reality. Come home with a yearning to “Do it all over again!” A custom vacation without the extra expense.

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Aero Tour Costa RicaAerial (Helicopter/Small Plane) Tour – Businesses use the sky to meet their deadlines and to impress prospective clients while tourists like to take leisurely tours. We have the Connections to get you hopping almost from anywhere in the country no matter what your agenda. Get a bird’s eye view of what Costa Rica is really like. Let AAA Tours impress you and your guests!

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Doubletree Cariari by Hilton San Jose

Aerial Tram – Suitable for most all ages and physical conditions, this great voyage takes you to new heights! Look at nature from a totally different perspective while riding safely suspended above the rainforest in an aerial tram. Be in awe as nature showcases modest waterfalls, scenic views and exuberant tropical rainforest flora and fauna.

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Africa MiaAfrica Mia – Take a non intrusive African Safari Wildlife tour and experience exceptional wild animal behavior in their natural 260 acre habitat. Feed and pet Ostriches and Giraffes by hand and learn about animals from their very knowledgeable park guides. They offer three different tours; a walking tour, a van tour and a Safari Tour. Guanacaste Area Tour Only!

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The SpringsArenal Volcano Tour– Begins with a visit to the active side of the volcano. Once there you will go aboard hiking on the Toucans Trail which passes through the tropical rainforest and crosses over a large lava flow from 1992. It is possible to study a great variety of vegetation, wildlife and magnificent lava rock patterns. While crossing the top of the lava flow you will have a beautiful sight of the Arenal Lake. The hike winds up at a view point, where if the weather allows, you might be able to see red hot lava rising and falling down the side of the volcano (3 pm tour only). All throughout the tour, our experienced guides will provide interesting and educational details concerning the history of the magnificent mountain and Arenal Volcano National Park. The tour wraps up with a relaxing stop at the natural mineral hot springs. (Stop at the natural hot springs is optional, entrance fees are not included)

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Banana Tour Costa RicaBanana Tour – Learn how the world’s most popular fruit is grown on a commercial basis. See the amount of tremendous care is given at every step of the process, from the plants in the fields to the final packing that is done for international transport. Learn the secret of producing the best produce for the consumer while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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Finca Rosa Blanca HotelBird Watching – Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia. Here, you can find more species of bird than in all of North America combined. Costa Rica has approximately 18% of the territory dedicated to National Parks and Reserves. Our avifauna is able to be seen and studied in a natural, undisturbed setting. Whether you are visiting the forests, mangroves, mountains or seashores be sure to have a AAA Tours guide with you!

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Royal CorinBotanical Gardens – Take advantage of the ideal weather conditions to view the most beautiful natural botanical gardens in the world! You do not have to be a botanist to be able to enjoy the tropical flora all year round. Gardens are preserved, cultivated to bring everyone captivating pictures of timeless beauty of the earth’s creations.

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Arenas del Mar HotelButterfly Sanctuary – Imagine hundreds or even thousands of live butterflies flying around a large enclosure. See the anatomy and physiology of butterflies in their different stages; learn about their predators, their defense mechanisms and other insects. Costa Rica butterfly exhibits are immensely popular with people of all ages. Include a butterfly tour in your vacation to Costa Rica, you will be amazed at what you will learn!

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Nayara Hotel Spa & GardensCaño Negro Boat Tour – Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is one of the richest sites in the world for the observation of birds. The boat tour will last for approximately 3 hours down to Rio Frio lead by a professional guide on a river boat ride. Get your camera ready as you search the riverbanks for crocodiles, monkeys and a multitude of birds and other wildlife and flora.

Peñas Blancas River Float – As you glide down river on a motor-less boat, you will experience true realness of being one with nature as you observe many different animals such as crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, sloths, tortoises, and numerous tropical bird species in their natural environment. An experienced naturalist guide will explain fascinating information about the tropical flora and fauna of Costa Rica. From $45 per person – available from Arenal area rain or shine!

Corobicí or Tenorio River Float – Depending on the water level you could either find yourself floating on the raft boat on the Corobicí or Tenorio Rivers. Immerge into a special ecosystem named “The Dry Gallery Forest” teaming with gigantic kapoks and fig trees. You will also encounter a little adventure as you pass safely through the class I & II rapids as well as enjoying an incredible relaxing tranquil float. This is a great way to enjoy Guanacaste’s river banks, while observe many Crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys and tropical birds in their natural environment. From $45 per person – available from Guanacaste area rain or shine!

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Arenas del MarBeaches of Costa Rica – Costa Rica has the most stunning, unspoiled beaches in the world! Travel to the Caribbean beaches if you want to start your day with a breathtaking view of the sun welcoming a new morning while ending your fabulous Costa Rica vacation on a Pacific beach that is unblemished from mankind. What a way to surround your Costa Rica vacation, sun in your hair and sand between your toes while listening to the wildlife!

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Crocodile River TourCrocodile Tour – Get up close and watch from a safe spot American crocodiles of all shapes and sizes; some of the crocodiles are fifteen feet long or more. Travel down dense mangrove forest canals and spot wildlife such as migrant waterfowl, lizards and monkeys. Depending on the environment and tour you might even be able to experience a one of a kind crocodile feeding show!

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Cuna del Angel HotelDolphin & Whale Watching – Humpback whales are seen from December to March from the northern hemisphere, and from July to late October from the southern hemisphere. The male whales do the most singing almost exclusively in the breeding grounds. Once verified that it is safe the chances are that the captain will allow you to swim around the boat to hear them sing.

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Captain Ron's Lake Arenal FishingFishing – Enjoy freshwater or saltwater fishing any time of year when you visit Costa Rica. While fishing at Arenal Lake you will not only have the time of your life, but you will also be blessed with fantastic views of Arenal Volcano and the surrounding lush tropical fauna. Don’t forget to tour the Pacific or Caribbean looking for that perfect catch. Spend a day or two relaxing while doing your favorite thing; don’t forget your camera for your proof!

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Peace Lodge - La Paz Waterfall GardensFrog Watching – The tiny blue jeans poison dart frog, as pictured to the left, is one of the most iconic amphibians of Cost Rica. The best time to find frogs is during the early dawn and dusk hours, when the ambient temperature is cooler. AAA Tour Guides know the frog’s favorite hiding places and can spot them despite their small size.

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El ElestabloHealth & Wellness Retreat – Relearn the three “R’s” Relax, Renew, and Rejuvenate. Spend time at a life-enhancing facility surrounded by the peace and calm of tropical rain forest or listening to the surf from the beach. Professional holistic health professionals will personally guide you through detoxification, stress and weight management.

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Lapa Rios EcolodgeHot Air Balloon Tour –The first hot air balloon ride in Costa was in 1991 by Tucker Comstock. There is no way to describe on paper how gliding virtually silently over Costa Rica’s landscape feels. Costa Rica’s hot air balloon tour was rated as one of the top 10 ballooning vacation destinations in the world by Forbes Magazine.

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Arenal Kioro HotelHot Springs – Gorgeous gardens are the norm at the hot springs of Costa Rica. Sit below a cascading wall of water onto your shoulders or sit in a natural hot tub while gazing at the tropical flora. The thermal, pulsating water of the natural springs will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. AAA Tours offer premier destinations for rejuvenation and relaxation!

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Iguana Verde FoundationIguana Verde Foundation – This nonprofit foundation was established in 2001 by Mr Edsart Besier, a Costa Rican resident. There are 8 different types of iguanas: ground or rock iguanas, the common green iguana, the desert iguana, the Fiji banded iguana, the Galapagos marine iguana, the land iguana, the rock dwelling iguana, and the spiny-tailed iguana. Learn about this very important animal before they are no longer found on our planet.

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Jaguar Rescue CenterJaguar Rescue Center – Built in 2008 and located in Puerto Viejo. This is a rescue and education center where animals are released back into the wild once they are rehabilitated or reach sexual maturity. The Jaguar Rescue Center keeps its door open solely on the generous donations of its visitors. Animals arrive on a daily basis that are injured or sick. This is a wonderful place to visit and learn hands on about Costa Rica’s wildlife.

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 Jewel’s of the Rainforest – Located in Monteverde’s rain forest and cloud forest, is the World’s 3rd largest private collection of insects that is for public viewing. All the exhibits of over 1 million specimens are arranged in an artistic design. Dr. Whitten has been collecting insects since the age of five in the topical Louisiana, USA. Enjoy a special video “Jewel’s of the Rainforest” which features many insects from the various climates of Costa Rica. Come, capture and explore the beauty and the knowledge that Dr. Whitten’s Bio-Art Exhibition has to offer.

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Crocodile River TourMangrove Tour –  Costa Rica’s mangroves are among the most widespread and most noteworthy in the world. They are an important part of the ecosystem. The mangrove trees are the only flora that is able to survive intertidal waters and airless mud. Their exposed roots provide and intricate network for numerous sea mammals to thrive. These trees are unique do to the fact that they excrete salt through their leaves!

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Tango Mar HotelMassages – Beautiful wood décor, soothing sounds, the rich smell of massage oils and sensitive skilled hands will help make your Costa Rica vacation the one to remember! Massage is well known to weary travelers, exhausted surfers and stretched out yogis to achieve peace and harmony. Choose massages that might include deep back, neck, shoulders and arms or reflexology and relaxing techniques. AAA Tours can arrange these services for you!

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Lapa Rios EcolodgeMonkey Watching – Just like bird watching, monkey watching has become popular animal activity among tourists and ticos alike. Costa Rica is the home to four species of monkey, the howler monkey, the spider monkey, the squirrel monkey and the white faced Capuchin. AAA Tours can take you to where the monkeys hang out for your famous picture taking event.

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Harmony HotelMud Bath/Treatment – Therapeutic mud treatments use pure, mineral rich clay, found only in a remote region of Costa Rica. The spa experience will leave you mentally relaxed, soothed, and energized while the physical results will leave your skin feeling toned and restored to its natural glow. You can discover the invigorating quality of volcanic mud which not only makes your skin radiant and smooth but also it provides lots of dirty fun!

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Arenas del MarSailing – Charter a sailboat and explore the pristine beauty of Costa Rica. Explore around natural parks, uninhabited islands or take a launch ashore to hike in the rainforest or sunbathe on a deserted beach. Nothing is more romantic than sailing into a sunset. Whatever your dream, Costa Rica has it for you to explore and make it an unbelievable vacation!

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Volcano Lodge & GardensSan José Capital Tour – Although founded in 1737, San José, a bustling city, is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central America. Here you will find many bars, markets, museums for kids as well as adults, restaurants of all flavors, and a fast paced night life along with great accommodations to get a great night’s sleep.

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Sloth SanctuarySloth Sanctuary – Visit this center which rescues, rehabilitates and takes in confiscated animals and sloths with special needs. The tour includes a one hour guided canoe ride where you may see wild sloths and other inhabitants of the tropical rainforest. Get up close and personal through observational contact of baby sloths at the new nursery facilities.

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Volcano Lodge & GardensSpa Day – Treat yourself to a full day at a Spa. Leave your hands and nails looking elegant after an exfoliation of the hands and arms with sea salt crystals that contain antioxidants and vitamins that help to reduce the signs of aging. Put your worries aside and pamper yourself from head to toe, while getting healthier and prettier by the minute. AAA Tours will arrange everything for you so all you have to do is to relax…

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Los Delfines Golf Country ClubSunset Cruise – Costa Rica sunset cruise tours are a romantic activity to remember. Marvel over stunning scenes; watch the huge pods of dolphins, manta rays, turtles and whales. Cruise out into the open water to enjoy the sunset and then return to the dock by starlight. AAA Tours can arrange a sunset tour when you include pacific beaches in your itinerary.

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Capitan SuizoTurtle Nesting – A main attraction of Tortuguero National Park is to see the sea turtles nesting. Although there are mainly the Green Turtles, Leatherback Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles nest in the area as well. Most of the egg laying is done at night under a waning moon, but it is possible to see the stragglers lay eggs during the day. The “Season” for turtle laying eggs is between the months of July – March. Click here for Turtle and Frog pictures.

Turtle Nesting Night Tour – See the enormous seven foot Leatherback Turtles come on shore to dig a hole into the sand and lay over sixty-five eggs. After sixty days late the baby leatherback turtles will emerge and begin their journey for survival. This tour operates only between November through January. This is one of the most incredible phenomenons of Mother Nature! From $84 per person – available from Guanacaste area rain or shine!

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Arenal Volcano InnVolcano Tour – Arenal and Poas are two famous active volcanoes in Costa Rica; Poas constantly emits sulfur fumes and steam and Arenal is always emitting steam, ash and sometimes red hot lava flow. Poas requires a bit of a hike to get to the top to view the nearly mile wide crater, where as you can view Arenal from the comfort of your tour guide’s vehicle. They are a must see at any age!

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Royal CorinWine & Dine – Take advantage of the professional chefs found in Costa Rica to deliver to your table a unique dining experience. Elegant cuisine is found throughout Costa Rica from roadside restaurants to your diamond rated hotels. You can enjoy the fine dining at a fraction of the cost, without having to spend the night at the establishments. Evening attire maybe required.

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