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AAA tour Costa Rica is a licensed Travel Agency in Costa Rica. Our name, AAA Tour Costa Rica, means: Amazing, Affordable, Adventures. We will be your contacts in Costa Rica, to keep you up to date with new hotels, tours, and special deals. We are ready to provide you as an agent all the information you require, custom vacation packages, photos and anything you may need to offer to your clients our Costa Rica packages.

How does this work?

            We will work with you in personalizing or customizing itineraries so you can offer to your clients a dream vacation. The vacation packages we can provide, can include private transportation, hotels, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tours & entrance fees.  For groups we can arrange at your request a special farewell dinner the night before returning home from a memorable vacation here in Costa Rica.   You can promote specific travelling dates to form a group,(you will get the lowest price for open groups)or just advertise packages for more private vacation groups or couples. Once your clients arrive and walk out of the airport in Costa Rica, a tour leader will be there welcoming everyone and taking care of the itinerary.

What are the benefits you will receive from using AAA Tour Costa Rica?  

  • 1- You will have Costa Rica trip specialists working for you, and for no extra charge.
  • 2- You will have tour guides and tour leaders in Costa Rica who will take very good care of your clients.
  • 3- You will have access to us here in Costa Rica for any information regarding hotels, tours, transportation, etc.
  • 4- You will benefit from our knowledge, thanks to all the inspections we have done and continue doing. Tours that were good and safe 5 years ago, may not be as good now compared to new similar tours, or the safety and maintenance may have gone down from what it used to be.

What is our commission structure for agents?

We provide you with net priced packages, then you add on your percent of commission to that price and present it to your clients. If you prefer to refer your clients to AAA Tour Costa Rica for us to work directly with them, you need to add 10% to the package, you will get the 10% of total that they buy, for a commission, (*This is because we will be doing all the work of emailing, answering questions, collecting money, and at the end of the process we will send you your 10% commission.)  We are here to serve your clients to give them an¨ amazing affordable adventure¨ here in Costa Rica!

  Here are some  example packages:

  • 7 Days. For everybody. Caribbean beaches, Aerial Tram in the Rain Forest, Poas volcano National park, La Paz waterfall gardens.  $1,017.00 p.p  (Minimum 4 people.)  Private transportation, Hotels, and the above mentioned tours and activities, 6 Breakfasts and 6 Dinners.
  • 8 Days. For everybody. Arenal volcano, Hot Springs, White water rafting, Manuel Antonio park & beaches. $983.00 p.p. (Minimum 4 people.) Private transportation, Hotels, the above mentioned tours and activities, 7 Breakfasts and 4 Dinners.
  • 9 Days.For everybody Coffee tour, Arenal volcano tour, Hot Springs, visit a local School ,Caribbean beaches, visit an Indigenous reservation to learn about their culture, beliefs, and how they make chocolate. $1,069.00 p.p.  (Minimum 8 people.) Includes: Private transportation, Hotels, and the above mentioned tours and activities, 8 Breakfast, 6 Dinners.
  • 8 Days. Honeymoon & Aniversary 4 nighs in the All inclusive Riu resort, Arenal volcano, Fortuna waterfall. $1,389.00 p.p. private transportation, Tours, 4 nigths at Riu 5 star resort, 2 breakfast.
  • 8 Days. For Families. Safari boat trip, Pineapple farm tour, Hot springs, Arenal volcano, Cloud forest. $1,035.00 p.p  Hotels, Private transportation, Tours.7 Breakfast, 4 Dinners.
  • 8 Days. Bird watching. Cloud forest, humming bird gardens, Safari bird watching tour, Sarapiqui rain forest, La paz waterfall gardens. $1,069.00 p.p Minimum 2 people. Hotels, Private transportation, Tours. 7 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 3 Dinners
  • 9 Days. For Open groups La Paz waterfall gardens, Arenal volcano area, Safari boat trip, Cloud forest, Manuel Antonio beaches & park. $1,099.00 p.p. (Minumum 8 people.) Includes: Private transportation, Hotels, and the above mentioned tours and activities, 8 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, and 8 Dinners.
  • 9 Days. For Open groups. Tortuguero, Puerto viejo, Manzanillo, Hot Springs, Arenal volcano. $1,199.00 (minimum 8 people) Hotels, Tours, Entrance fees, Private transportation, Tour Leader.  8 Breakfast, 3 Lunches, 8 Dinners.
  • 9 Days. For open groups. Monteverde cloud forest, Curicancha hike, Arenal volcano, Hot springs, Manzanillo reserve & beach, Punta Uva beach. $1,096.00 p.p. (minimum 8 people)  Hotels, Tours, Entrance fees, Private transportation, Tour Leader. 8 breakfast, 8 Dinners.

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