Thermal Springs

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Soaking Can Have Its Benefits

Costa Rica has over 200 volcanic formations, which makes Costa Rica a very rich area to find natural hot springs. Hot springs are an alternative form of therapy to help relieve the ailments that haunt us. Although doctors do not tout hot springs have any medicinal value, there are scientists who report that there are legitimate reasons why hot springs can improve a person’s health.

Soaking in natural mineral hot springs is a form of hydro thermal therapy. Doctor’s do acknowledge that there are therapeutic benefits of moist heat to alleviate certain ailments. President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the hot springs to bring some relief to his polio condition. Many problem areas such as, nasal congestion, poor blood circulation, digestion, eczema, fibromialgia, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal problems, pain relief, reduce toxins and stress reduction to name a few, can be reduced by a few visits soaking in natural hot springs.

Breathing may be improved after a hot soak by opening the clogged sinus passages, loosening mucus and clearing out the lungs as you breathe in the warm vapors. Circulation is improved by the thermal temperature of the natural mineral water, which also reduces the amount of pain due to inflammation around problem areas such as joint pain, muscle fatigue, tissue damage and ligament damage. When soaking in the hot springs, your pores open allowing the toxins to escape. Eczema is a chronically dry and flaky skin condition that can be relieved by soaks as well as the pain associated with fibromialgia. When we relax in a hot spring our blood pressure goes down along with the stress that our hectic lives conjure up. But when it is said and done we just love the overall feeling that we get when we soak in natural hot springs.

Please note: Most people can enjoy a natural mineral water soak, but there are a few medical problems that should get permission from their doctor, because the conditions might be aggravated and can produce additional health problems. These are pregnant women, diabetics, and those of whom have cardiovascular disease.