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A Bit Of Jet Ski History

 Jet skis are also called personal water crafts (PWC), Sea-Doos and Wave Runners. The design may require the rider to be standing up or sitting down and may have room for a passenger. The original design was the invention of Clayton Jacobson II, who was a motor cross fan from Arizona. The initial production model made its debut in 1973 and then it was clear that there was much needed design work to be done to make it safer, more stable and manageable.

 In the1970’s wave riding principles of surfing were used as the bases of a new professional sport. Enthusiasts raced and performed tricks on customized models, while the judges gave scores on the technique and presentation.

 New technology made the jet skis safer and easier to control in the later 1980’s and by the early 1990’s, they were the best selling personal “boat” in the world. All jet skis today are equipped with a dead man’s switch or some call a lanyard that attaches from the vessel to the rider, to turn off the engine should the rider fall off.

 Jet skiing is a great way to get around on water and are used by adrenalin addicts and professionals such as water rescuers, law enforcement personal, marine biologists, and those of us who just want to have some fun. The current models with two or three seats are the ultimate way for parents to ride together with their children for an entertaining day out on the water while on vacation.

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