Spa Day & Pampering

AAA Tours offers wonderful Costa Rica hot springs vacation packages that could include a Spa Day or two. Relax from your Costa Rica adventure vacation while the masseur kneads your back during your deep massage with therapeutic oils. No matter where you tour Costa Rica, AAA Tours will get you a Day at the Spa.

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Ohhh! Ahhh! Pamper Yourself With

A Day At The Spa

Let’s be honest, we all want and need to totally relax on our vacation, after all isn’t that what vacations are supposed to be about? We find that when you schedule your adventure activities in the beginning of your Costa Rica vacation, you can then unwind and relax before returning to your hectic schedule of work and family life. Costa Rica spas give you that chance to totally unwind and give into what your body craves, a slow, deep massage with therapeutic oils that will leave you smelling and feeling so good while soothing music is played in the background.

Days spas typically use organic ingredients such as a luscious banana hair mask, sweet coconut skin glow, fresh grown coffee body polish, or a macadamia nut scrub to rejuvenate and condition your hair and skin although they sound good enough to eat. In addition to the traditional facial and massage, travelers can pamper themselves with reiki and reflexology as part of their therapeutic process. Some spas also offer full body volcanic clay mud wraps to assist with your body’s natural ability to remove toxins, aloe wraps to nourish and revitalize your skin, steam bath to open up all your skin pores, a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring to release all the tension in your tired muscles or a comforting hot-stone massage as you might fall asleep.

Relax and unwind after your big adventure day! There are over five hundred day spas found in Costa Rica, so no matter where you are winding down your day, there is a day spa not far away with a variety of blissful spa treatments and trained therapists to indulge your senses.