Manuel Antonio – Coastal or Mangrove Kayaking

Coastal or Mangrove Kayaking – Whether you decide to kayak during the day or night, you will have an unforgettable experience. Seventy percent of the wildlife in the mangroves and the tropical rainforests are nocturnal. Giving you an extraordinary chance to blend into the night and see for yourself with this unique adventure. During the day you will paddle under the shade of the tall mangrove foliage while listening to the songs of various marine birds as they glide above your head. The coastal experienced guide will  be showing you all the nesting spots of our feathered friends and the popular places for the aquatic marine life. The pace of this adventure is up to you – all according to your experience, abilities and interests. We stop and explain about the breathtaking wildlife habitats, such as sloths, silky anteaters, nonpoisonous snakes and monkeys as you wish. We can accommodate individuals, families, or intimate groups who want to explore the exotic Costa Rica coastline. We have an incredible, unique experience waiting for you to enjoy! Tour time starts according to the coastal tide, meal also included in the rate.

Coastal or Mangrove Kayaking Tour From $65 per person

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