Fishing In Costa Rica

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Catching that BIG One…

Fishing has been around as long as mankind, it started out as a means of survival. Today, fishing in saltwater is called sport fishing – to distinguish it from commercial fishing. As in the beginning, man must be able to endure and understand the weather, how to find and approach the fish before one can catch them.

Modern technology has really helped the sport with gps type of fish finders, which allow man to “see” where the fish are in the water. Most of the time you can tell what kind of fish you are floating above by the shape of the outline showing on the screen.

Of the four types of fishing, (bait, casting, fly, and trolling), bait fishing and trolling are the most common method used in sport fishing. Bait fishing is the most universal type of fishing; where as chunks of bait are impaled on a hook in hopes of a fish swallowing it. Bait for sport fishing include small fish or lures for most fish and chunks of meat for shark fishing.

If the bait is not heavy enough to reach the bottom, the line is weighted down with sinkers. To attract fish up closer to the boat, chunks of fish (or meat for sharks) called chum is thrown into the water. While man sits up top in special chairs called “fighting seats” to which they are strapped in holding their poles hoping and waiting for that big one to come along.

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