Canopy or Zip Lining

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Zipping Through Costa Rica

While zip lining, also known as a canopy tour, was originally only introduced in the 1970’s, it has become one of the most popular activities in Costa Rica. You cannot get the same experience in an indoor arena, the lines are too short and you do not have the splendor of being in the wild.

Many people still believe that hiking through the rain forest is the best way to travel around and explore; a zip line tour is an excellent complimentary way to discover the dense rain forest from above. When you are on the ground the growth is so impenetrable, which doesn’t allowing sunlight to beam through, so you miss everything that is higher than you simply because you can’t see it in the dark. While most hikers do know how to, and understand the importance of walking through an area without leaving a trace, there are a few that have not learned – what you enter with, you return with.

Soaring through the canopy, zip lining is an activity that allows the environment to remain untouched and unmarked by mankind. You are the visitor in the wild, who can see at a bird’s eye view safely upon a platform, just like the early scientists did as they studied the trees without harming any part of the undergrowth or insect life found on the barks of the trees.

There are a few zip lining companies who have a zip line tour that incorporate hanging bridges in between sending yourself from tree top to tree top. Zip lining is for the courageous visitors who need an adrenaline rush, not for those who are terrified of heights. Canopy tours can be found all over Costa Rica and AAA Tours tour operators have traveled and experienced most all of the canopy tours to learn where the best and safest zip lining tours are located.