Boat Tours & Sailing In Costa Rica

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Safari Boat And Catamaran Touring

Costa Rica has so much varied fauna and flora that one must take a boat tour in order to make your journey truly complete. Only through a boat tour can you see the birds and wildlife in their natural undisturbed environment! On a floating river safari boat tour – you will explore different types of regions found in Costa Rica, such as under the tropical rain forest canopy, marshy terrain and pastures from the safety of a boat. Here you will see a great variety of resident and migratory birds along with caymans sliding from the banks and gliding through the water, iguanas sunbathing on a tree branch that is up above the water level, sloths clinging onto the trees catching a snooze or eating their favorite leaves, turtles basking on rocks while soaking up some sun, and three different species of monkeys swinging in the trees as you float very quietly listening to the calls of nature.

On a watercraft such as a catamaran, you can enjoy the saltwater marine life as well. Here you might see dolphins playing alongside your boat or the whales splashing their tails as they resurface or while going deeper into the water. Let’s not forget the thousands of fish that are found in the warmer waters near Coast Rica shores. Some boat trips might offer fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or a romantic sunset tour. What a way for you to round off your vacation; get relaxed before you go home to your hectic work schedule. Costa Rica is truly a unique experience, one that you would want to experience over and over again! The best time to catch nature at its best is to plan your safari boat tour early in the morning or early evening. Do not forget to reserve your safari boat tour early – seats are limited as this is a very popular tour!