Arenal Volcano Information

AAA Tours knows all the Costa Rica tourist attractions such as Costa Rica Volcano Arenal and Irazu Volcano Costa Rica. La Fortuna Costa Rica is a hot spot for great Costa Rica family vacations, which is located near the base of Arenal volcano. Make sure your vacation includes Arenal hot springs to receive a benefit of the volcano’s water therapy. Costa Rica volcanoes are extremely beautiful during the day and on a clear night any time of the year.

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Welcome to Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is one of the ten world’s most active volcanoes. Located just outside La Fortuna in the province of San Carlos, Arenal Volcano is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica and is very active for its (estimated under) 7,000 age. The volcano measures at least 5,000 feet and is conically shaped with a crater spanning 460 feet at the top. It emits fire glowing lava and colossal ash plumes on a regular basis and you can feel the underground rumbling. Arenal Volcano is one of those “must see” places in Costa Rica!

The temperature of Arenal Volcano (1,800 Degrees Fahrenheit) is considered to be cool which allows for a thicker more solid oozing lava flow. With its perfect conical profile it allows spectacular views of volcanic action at the peak. Almost everyone who comes to Costa Rica wants to see the lava flow that happens almost daily. The ambient temperature ranges from 61 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what elevation, and the average rainfall is 195 inches.

The town of La Fortuna is a popular tourist destination with an excellent selection of hotels, restaurants and tours to adventure. AAA Tours will give you a list of the very best hotels that are available. Then you choose from a huge range of a $1,000 a night (or more) luxury hotels all the way down to a hammock with a foot locker in a hostel for approximately $25.00 a night or less. In La Fortuna, there are so many choices for activities to choose from. Tours include such things as bird watching, canopy tours, hanging bridges, horseback riding, natural hot springs, river rafting, stand up paddling, waterfall rappelling, white water rafting, and many more. The exciting list of things to do is almost endless!

Experience the rain forest by visiting Rio Celeste National Park! You will be astounded by the river’s sky blue color, the natural hot springs, and a stunning waterfall that cascades into the blue pool below. It is worth the four hour hike to get there.

Arenal Volcano’s facts are very interesting to know before visiting the majestic giant.

Time prior to July 1968, it is believed that the volcano had been in a dormant state.

July 1968 ~ The last major eruption, which created two additional craters, took place on July 29, 1968, 7:30 am, burying the town of Tabacón and killing seventy eight people, approximately 45,000 cattle and undocumented wildlife.

June 1975 ~ Tabacón River was destroyed along with the magnificent flora when four strong explosions blew large amounts of ash and debris into the sky, spreading it a distance of 16 miles.

June 1984 ~ Multitude of explosions created ash, gases, steam, and water to be spewed high into the sky where the wind currents carried the debris over the town of Tilarán which is located past Arenal Reservoir; while there was intermittent lava flows oozing from the crater.

August 1993 ~ A wall of one of the volcano craters collapsed where the lava started to flow downward.

March 1994 ~ Lava flows filled the volcano crater where the wall collapsed.

March 1996 ~ Normal activity of Arenal Volcano produced explosions of gas & lava flows.

May 1998 ~ Between May 5-7, Costa Rica authorities declared a red alert, the result was evacuating approximately 450 people (tourists and employees) from the area as Arenal Volcano experienced a series of large eruptions. Since this was greater activity, this caused a volcano crater wall to collapse setting off an avalanche. No injuries or loss of life was reported, but the forest nearby was destroyed. The national park was reopened the same week.

Arenal Volcano National Park officials require the tourists stay on marked paths to keep a safe distance from the volcano in case there is ever another eruption that requires an hasty evacuation. The daily activity is closely monitored and volcanologists warn us that the volcano could have another eruption in the future.

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